Review Policy

All submitted manuscripts will be checked whether they are well prepared and following the journal ethical policy. Manuscripts that do not follow the ethics policy of journal will be rejected before peer-review. Manuscripts that are not prepared according to the journal guidelines will be returned for revision and resubmission. After these checks, then check the manuscript whether it fits to the scope of the journal. The Editor-in-Chief will verify the reject decisions at this stage.

Once a manuscript checked for all these necessary checks, will send the authentic paper to two independent experts for peer-review. The journal follows the double-blind review, where authors and reviewers don’t know each other identity. Peer review comments are confidential.

If both experts are satisfied, the paper is sent to the Editorial Board for possible acceptance. Otherwise, it will back to the author(s) for revision according to the expert’s opinion. The revised paper submitted by the author(s) is again sent to the same experts for final comments, if required.