Altaf Fatima and children's literature

Altaf Fatima and children's literature


  • Dr.Farzana koukab Associate Professor/Chairperson Department of Urdu Baha ud din Zakariya University, Multan
  • Dr.Iram Saleem Lecturer of Urdu Government Civil Lines College, Multan


Children’s Literature, Child Fiction, Urdu Child Fiction, Altaf Fatima, Zia ul Din Khusro, M.Ismail Meerthi, Alama Iqbal


Children are the basic building block and integral part of the society. Like children, their literature is also important. Its impact on children in various contexts cannot be ignored. Altaf Fatima started writing stories with "Afsana" but she was also concerned about the young builders of the nation which drew her attention to writing children's stories. She kept two main principles in mind while writing children's literature. One is a deep look at the psychology of children and the other is the simplest language۔