Ahmad Bashir's essay

Ahmad Bashir's essay


  • Dr. M Riaz Ahmed Visiting Faculty,Department of Urdu,Govt College University,Faisalabad
  • Dr. Abdul Aziz Malik Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, Government College University, Faisalabad


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"Ahmad Bashir was a renowned journalist and a
literary icon of Urdu. He wrote essays / articles and
columns equally in English and Urdu. Among the
various of his journalistic and literary facets, sketchwriting, novel-writing and editorial-writing are worthmentioning. He got education in film-making from
America, and then started film-making and direction
in Pakistan. He produced few documentaries, and
made the first and the last to date belly film of
Pakistan "Chirree Kahaani" that achieved an award
in belly film festival of Iran. He chose journalism for
making his livelihood, and learnt journalism from
Charagh Hassan Hassrat in the daily "Amroz". He
was called the founder of Urdu feature-writing. He
wrote his debut feature on Gaamma Pehalwaan.
After the daily "Amroz", he started writing for the
weekly "Qandeel". He never sticked long to a
newspaper owing to his truthfulness and ideological
thoughts. He exhibited his writing power, along with
editorial writing, in both English and Urdu journals
and newspapers like: "Chataan", "Lail-o-Nahaar",
"Nawa-e-Waqt", "Jang", "Musawaat", "Friday
Times", "The Muslim", "The Star", "The News" and
"Frontier Post". His last writing, featuring the
journalistic; political; analytical and ideological
characteristics, continued to publish in the monthly
"Naya Zamaana" from Lahore. His style held
truthfulness and candidness. He had to write uder
different false names due to the atrocities of the
government. He adopted the names of Bhulley
Shah, Shah Anyat and Ahmad Khan Kharal for this
purpose. He never let the journalistic and literary
values fall a prey to worldly strategies and
impurities. He was a staunch socialist and flagbearer of social justice.