About the Journal


Mishkāt- ul-‘ilm  is a double-blind peer reviewed annual online Islamic Studies research Journal. To promote scholarly research, editing and critique in the fields of Islamic Studies including Quránic Studies, Sirah ,Islamic Law, Islamic His

tory, Islamic economics, Sufism, Philosophy and theology, Classical and contemporary Muslim thought and issues related to Muslim societies. The Department of Islamic Studies is launching Mishkāt- ul-‘ilm  Islamic Studies Journal, which will arrange for the publication of articles in accordance with the standards and regulations set by the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. This will provide opportunities for researchers and critics in the field of research, editing and criticism in the Islamic Studies world to publish articles.

Scope & Mission:

Scope of the Journal

  • The scope of Mishkāt- ul-‘ilm (MUI) is conceptual ideas in the study of Islamic sciences, Al-Quran ,Hadith, Sirah, Islamic Education, Classical and Modern thoughts in Islam, Islamic Law and Jurisprudence, History and Civilization of Islam, Language and Islamic literature, Da’wah and Modern Developments in Islam.
  • The Journal accepts articles establishing the influence of Islamic Studies on other branches of Social Sciences and vice-versa.
  • It encourages research work in all fields of social sciences, in particular its impact on Islamic Studies.
  • The Journal encourages book reviewers and manuscripts having reviewed a book.
  • The purpose of this journal is to respond and inform the development of current issues related to Islamic Studies. Contributions of scholars in the form of articles from both National and International will be warmly welcomed with zeal and zest.

Mission Statement

Mishkāt- ul-‘ilm will aim to publish quality research work that will be able to enhance the different aspects of Islamic Studies research and criticism. It will be able to be a model research journal, flourishing research culture of Islamic Studies. It will focus on the all modern and classical trends of language and literature that will make it able to meet with challenges of the present era. It will publish a wide range of new topics related to the Islamic Studies work for achieving an excellence of research and criticism. It will also keep the relations of Islamic Studies language & Literature with different cultures and other languages in view, so that it can image the global literary prospectus with all of its dimensions.

Vision Statement

The publication of a research journal is considered to be a good sign to flourish a research culture in a University. It provides a suitable platform for the scholars of different fields to provoke their knowledge and enhance their command on the subject they relate. It polishes teachers and researchers to do the best in their fields. It fastens the spirit of competition between the people who work in the way of writing and research.